Sunday Service Podcast August 27, 2017 – “OMG! The Power of Awe”

“Awe brings us into a vaster place – a place of universality,” stated Rev. Karen in this morning’s talk Using the solar eclipse as an example, she spoke of the metaphysical and spiritual dimensions of awe and ecstasy. Awe brings us out of our own viewpoint, diminishes the personal self and replaces it, for a moment or two, in favor of the Universal. These openings can frequently inspire pro-social behavior.

We are hardwired to experience ecstasy. What is the most awesome experience in your life so far? Share this with another person.

Our guest artist, the playful, soulful, dance-ful Angelica Barksdale, brought us awe-filled praise music from her worship traditions.


Our lovely morning meditation featured Andrea Cariño and Sada Simran Khalsa.