Sunday Service Podcast April 9, 2017 – “Riding High”

This seasonal talk is based on Jesus’ story, where now he is a the pinnacle of his career. Yes, just as the crowd is pushing him into taking earthly power,  he sees the bigger picture, and holds to an inner kingdom.

Rev. Karen brought this into a contemporary setting with Ellen DeGeners, and her inner calling for inner/outer authenticity, causing a collapse and, later, re-invigoration of her career.

She warned us that following your spiritual guidance requiries an act of courage, especially when this is displayed publicly; yet this authenticity is also critical for psychological health.

Rev. Karen’s quote for the day: “We are the minds and hearts that can evoke change.”

Our brilliantly talented home team brought the radiant joy of music to the service.

Pam Sunday is just so much fun!