Sunday Service Podcast April 2, 2017 – “Raising Lazarus”

Today’s lesson with Rev. Karen begins the Easter cycle. She spoke of Jesus becoming more “public” in his ministry at this time, of him coming forth and becoming more seen. She told the story of Jesus’ friend, Lazarus, and how this story is a foreshadowing of the Easter story.

Bringing this lesson into relevance for us today, she talked of the fact that it’s never too late. During our lives, we lose ourselves and re-find ourselves over and over, and that the process of reclaiming our soul, of getting our lives back, is a learning and a growing that we do throughout the course of our physical life in these bodies.

That most adorable and talented couple, Becky Thatcher and Matt Corey, were our delightful musical guests this morning. Sweet!

Light and people coming together – what a lovely morning!