Summer 2014 News

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6/8       Moving Up Ceremony
Kids’ videoed at the end of the service
Uniteens sell T-Shirts

6/15     Father’s Day
You Bake Sale

6/22     Kid’s Camp at Camp Waskowitz, North
Bend, WA (6/22-6/25)
Registration begins in April


7/6       ONE SERVICE AT 10:00 for all of July and August

7/13     Our Community Picnic
Denny Park after the service
Bring a dish to share
Purchase a Seattle Unity T-shirt to wear!



During July the following “Special Visitors” from our community will be sharing their talents and skills with our children:

7/6       Annie C.         Zentangle
7/13     Julia Nathe     Imagine Yoga
7/20     Rymii Kaio     Hawaiian dance and a Luau
7/27     TBA


Planet PatrolEach Sunday in August the Children’s Chapel will become the Great Outdoors during the 10:00 service as we gather around a pretend campfire, sing camp songs, do crafts and have fun together.

We’ll have S’Mores and other fun camp food.

Our 2014 Sunday Camp theme will be “”Planet Patrol: Nature Detectives”. The children will learn ways to support the well-being of planet earth.


One very important part of our Sunday morning is the opportunity for the children to be leaders. When they arrive they can decide to be a helper in our Sacred Circle Celebration by choosing a “Helper Necklace”.  The necklaces are on the board near the entry to the room.

leadership_penguines_floatTheir leadership is important to the success of our program and gives them practice taking ownership for the different activities.

They can ring the chime when it’s time to begin. They can choose and lead a yoga pose to give us a chance to stretch and relax. Or read our affirmation or light the candles prior to our meditation. They can bless the offering and pass the basket to receive the gifts from the children. Occasionally we have other “jobs” depending on our activities.

We also invite a child or two to be our spokesperson, telling the grown-ups what we did in class. That takes a little extra courage.

Parent Reminder

Our “Sacred Safety” policy asks us to make sure regularly attending children are registered and signed in and out each week. Thanks for helping us with that.


June 8th is our “Moving Up” Sunday where the children graduate from one class to their next class.

All are recognized and honored for their learning and growing at Seattle Unity.

This year will include candle lighting as the children walk through a beautiful floor labyrinth created by Heidi Nathe (YOU Sponsor). Parents are welcome.


At Seattle Unity we graduate the children on the second Sunday in June. We follow the school district timing in that they move to the next class based on having a birthday prior to Sept. 1 of that year rather than moving on the date of their birthday. This seems to be the fairest policy.

A couple of years ago, because the childcare room was getting crowded, we added an additional class room for the 1st and 2nd graders. That allowed us to move four year olds out of childcare and into a four year old – kindergarten combined class.

Parents of children who turn four during the year often ask to move their children to the Children’s Chapel. Many of our program activities include children through the 5th grade and we want the young ones to feel comfortable in a large mixed-age group. Other considerations are that boys are six months behind girls developmentally and our teachers are volunteers and don’t have specialized training to meet the needs of younger children. We will review any requests case by case and use the following guidelines to be sure each child is ready for our more structured program.

My child has these qualities:

  • ·         Confident and independent toileting
  • ·         Six months or more experience in a structured preschool program
  • ·         Interacts comfortably with adults and speaks so an adult can understand
  • ·         Can pay attention for a short time to adult-directed activity
  • ·         Follows simple directions
  • ·         Beginning to control self
  • ·         Can listen to stories w/o interrupting
  • ·         Plays well with other children
  • ·         Shares and takes turns
  • ·         Feels comfortable away from parent


Each Sunday, passing the offering basket is part of our Sacred Circle. We teach the children about the value of putting our love, positive words, thoughts and energy (including money) into circulation. What we give away is returned to us multiplied in ways we can’t even imagine.

1312-18 022.CR2 School Lunch paying kids to eat fruits and vegetables December 6, 2013 Photography by Mark A. Philbrick Copyright BYU Photo 2013 All Rights Reserved  (801)422-7322Children are invited to place their hands over the basket to bless it and put in their gifts. We love how generous they are with their positive words and powerful, love-filled thoughts.

We let them know that their offering of money, even a penny, nickel, dime or quarter, is added to the flow of abundance that supports the success and health of our spiritual community. It may pay for snacks or markers or electricity, but it does return to bless them. Regardless of their gift, each has something precious to share.

Seattle Unity T-Shirts  – You’re going to want to have one!

walking t shirtLouis Mason and Randi Zard (two of our Sunday School teachers) initiated a Seattle Unity T-Shirt project recently. The Uniteens (our middle school youth) will be taking orders for them starting on June 8. Look for their table. Color choices are red and turquoise. Think picnic garb! 


June        Imagination        Lt. Blue

I use my IMAGINATION to see and create a happy, healthy world. 

July        Understanding          Gold

I use my UNDERSTANDING to look past appearances and see the beauty in all people. 

August              Will            Gray/Silver

I am WILLING to do God’s WILL!