Joyful Arts Ministry – our Music program

Under the creative direction of  Erin McGaughan, Seattle Unity’s Joyful Arts Ministry presents music and worship arts  from a wide range of cultural and spiritual backgrounds, genres and styles.

The music at Seattle Unity celebrates life, joy and love abundantly, blending professional guest artists, an amazingly gifted house band, and talented Unity community members.

View the calendar or Upcoming Services for upcoming scheduled musicians.

You can see our many music videos on our Music and Service Videos pages.

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Christmas Choir & Easter ChoirEaster Choir 2014

SU is thrilled to have the warm, funny and energizing Matt Corey on board to lead our holiday choirs. Open to all singers, no experience necessary, it’s a perfect way to jump into a rich community experience, and lift your voice!

Choir rehearsals start about 5 weeks before the performance service.

Nearing Easter or Christmas, check for rehearsal dates (usually Tuesdays) under Music on our calendar, or email Erin to be notified shortly before the rehearsal cycle.

Guest Musicians

Sunday 10-19-08091Prospective guests and house players are invited to submit links and samples via email: to Erin McGaughan, Music Director. We are most commonly looking for high energy contemporary materials, but Erin loves to hear everything. Need to know pay and such before you make contact? Here’s what to expect from a Sunday headliner gig at SU.

DIOS Recruitment and Training

Divine Instruments of Spirit (DIOS) is the artistic service ministry that supports Seattle Unity and the greater community. DIOS members are artists of any modality, any skill level, beginners to professionals, who consciously bring spiritual principles into their art, and courageously bring their art into spiritual service for others.

Music 4In our training we crack open the treasure trove of spiritual gold that music and the arts provide – joy, creativity, ego, power, illusion, discipline, judgment, connection, bliss, serenity. Then we carry the supportive energy of that large DIOS network back into our individual communities.

We stay connected through weekly eNews with service opportunities, auditions, artist calls, dance and theatre events, music samples, concerts, classes, prayers and congratulations. If you’d like to move into a greater experience of artistic spiritual service, come to this free recruitment training and join the Divine Instruments.

DIOS training and membership is offered by Erin twice each year. Email Erin if you’d like to learn of the next scheduled DIOS session.

Fair Trade Music

Seattle Unity is a proud signatory to the Fair Trade Music Seattle community standards.  Find out more about FTM here.