Our spiritual leader, Rev. Karen Lindvig, chooses our spiritual topic each year.

For 2017 we will be exploring

“The Transformational Journey”

Rev. Karen Lindvig introduces the theme in January.
Join us throughout 2017 as we all deepen and grow in commUnity, listening and hearing our own and others’ stories.

During the year,  we’ll focus on different aspects:

To begin, we’ll be looking at Origin stories from 3 views: individual, Unity movement, and Seattle Unity

April’s theme will be Rising Up

In May we’ll look at generosity, abundance, and prosperity.

June and July we’ll play with creativity, Mother Nature, and the Earth.

August brings a view-able total solar eclipse in Oregon, so we’ll focus on the Sun.

Our goal at the end of the year – to have experienced a mythic journey, expanding our spiritual abilities and gifts; thus becoming more integrated and more capable of using ALL of our talents, not just those we’re “good at”.