Our spiritual leader, Rev. Karen Lindvig, chooses our spiritual topic each year.

The theme for 2015 is All In

2015 All In logoThis year we look at commitment, speaking from our oneness, in the present moment. Things ARE going to change, and when we are fully present and united, it is much easier to bend with the changes and craft our responses and reactions thoughtfully and deliberately. We richly support each other in this time of being here now.

 Each month we will explore one of Unity’s 12 Powers*

* based on the book “PowerUP: The Twelve Powers Revisited as Accelerated Abilities” by Paul Hasselbeck & Cher Holton

January: Intro + Power
February: Imagination
March: Life
April: Faith
May: Strength
June: Understanding
July: Love
August: Will
September: Order
October: Wisdom
November: Renunciation
December: Zeal

Join us throughout 2015 as

we all deepen and grow
in commUnity.