Our spiritual leader, Rev. Karen Lindvig, chooses our spiritual topic each year.

Soul-Trek 2014The theme for 2014 is Soul-Trek
Flowing with Change
Boldy Embracing Transformation

There are big winds blowing and we can either harness these winds and sail around the world (and the universe) or hunker down and hide. The invitation is to be the captain of your ship and activate the changes in your life.

 Each month we will explore different parts of a Soul-Trek:

January: Intro + Definition of a Trek

February: Gathering Tools

March: Making Room

April: Be the Change, Be the Lightning

May: Celebrating Feminine Energy

June: Celebrating Male Energy

July: the Third Dimension

August: the Edge

September: the Leap

October: Live Long & Prosper

November: Transforming Darkness + Finding Gold

December: Prayer and Contemplation

Join us throughout 2014 as we all deepen and grow in community.