Seattle Unity Sunday Videos 12-11-2016—”Sage Woman”

Sunday Service Videos December 11th, 2016—”Sage Woman”—Here are the links and players to the music videos and sermon from 12-11-2016, with Rev. Karen Lindvig’s sermon titled “Sage Woman.”

Two Young Sisters—Violin Version of “Joy to the World”

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Tommie Burton Sings “Breath of Heaven“

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Rev. Karen Lindvig Sermon “Sage Woman”

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Tommie Burton Sings “Joy”

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SERMON SUMMARY—Rev. Karen Lindvig’s sermon is titled “Sage Woman.” The theme for the month of December is The Sage. She explores how The Sage within each one of us can bring out the truth seeker, the monitor, the advisor, the teacher, and the Wise Man or Crone (Wise Woman). This includes invoking or identifying our cultural sage characters including Dumbledore in Harry Potter, Jiminy Cricket, Deanna Troy from Star Trek, and Yoda from Star Wars. In this sermon, Karen looks at the activities of three Sage women: the Biblical Mary, Hildeguard of Bengen and 13 year-old Water Protector Takata Iron Eyes. She describes the work, mission and accomplishments of each of these Sage women. She showed a film segment of Takata Iron Eyes and her work as a Water Protector at Standing Rock in North Dakota. Karen also explores how Unity Principle Five relates to the Sage. She concludes with the importance of action from an inner place of wisdom, from the identity of The Sage.

This service featured songs by Erin McGaughan and Tommie Burton. They were accompanied by DIOS members Keia Del Rosario, Sally Annabella, Lori Shaver, Felix Marcial and Jennifer Bolles, along with the Seattle Unity House Band. Erin McGaughan produced the music for the service. Rev. Karen Lindvig designed and produced the overall service.

Key Ideas Related to this Sermon about the Qualities of The Sage:

1. Always learning.
2. Wisdom is one of the key attributes of a sage who show up in our lives as a mentor, teacher and advisor.
3. The main way that we gain wisdom is through learning from experiences.
4. The more we are present to and authentic with the challenges in life, the better we are at gaining wisdom.
5. Sometimes that may mean admitting that we were wrong or looking at a situation from many perspectives.
6. We can turn post-traumatic stress disorder into post-traumatic growth syndrome.
7. A sage: Learns from experiences.
8. Sees the Christ light in one another.
9. Listens to your own voice and shines their own light.
10. A Sage puts feet on her prayers, just as Mary did.

Key Quotations Related to this Sermon:

Luke 1:41-42: When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. In a loud voice she exclaimed: “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the child you will bear!”

Meister Eckart: We are all called to be mothers of God – for God is always waiting to be born.

Nancy Rockwell: “She gives birth in a barn and welcomes weathered shepherds in the middle of the night. She is determined, not domestic; free, not foolish; holy, not helpless; strong, not submissive. She beckons women everywhere to speak out for God’s justice, which is waiting to be born into this world.”

Tokata Iron Eyes, 13 yr old water protector: ”I feel like I have my future back!”