Seattle Unity Sermon Video 10-01-2017—”Difference Between Archetype and Stereotype”

Sunday Service Video October 1st, 2017—“Difference Between Archetype and Stereotype”—Here is the link and player to the Rev. Michael Bogar’s sermon from 10-01-2017 titled “The Difference Between an Archetype and a Stereotype.” In this Sunday sermon Rev. Michael elaborates on a question Rev. Karen Lindvig asked him concerning the widespread and problematic practice of people labeling one another, and themselves, negatively. The sermon is described below.

Rev. Michael Bogar Sermon “The Difference Between an Archetype and a Stereotype”

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Description of this sermon:

The fastest way to dehumanize another person is to stereotype or label them as just one type of being. In fact, every human is actually a complex amalgam of interacting archetypes. Many archetypal patterns, like the diverse characters in a good story, always operate within each individual soul in pairs and groups. Knowing this simple truth about the archetypal function of the human soul allows us to see the larger divine story, rather than the merely ego moments of that larger story.

Quotations related to this sermon:

Shirley Chisholm: “We must reject, not only the stereotypes that others have of us, but also those that we have our ourselves.”

MIchael Meade: “When we place our immediate conflicts in the territory of an archetypal story, we can better see the nature of our problems and find solutions that bring creative imagination to bear in the real of hard facts and hardening dilemmas.”