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Dreaming Spiritual CommUnity 2050

A Renewed Vision For Seattle Unity

by Carl Woestwin

Carl WoestwinI participated in two of our visioning conversations and read through the summaries of all the others. We are excellent spiritual futurists!

I encourage you to read through the summary and detailed notes of our visioning and tell us what you see.

Here’s what I took away from my reading:

In four years, where will we gather to worship? We will meet in a sanctuary that is sacred space. It will be in a building that expresses our vision and is the summary of our creative input. The architecture will be timeless and classic, integrating earth, air, fire and water. The building will have a resonance that harmonizes with our bodies. It will be a place to connect to our One Source.

We will fully use our home, which will be flexible and adaptive for many purposes. Large and small groups will use it. It will be environmentally designed and integrate nature – gardens, views of trees and sky, with plenty of light. We’ll use update-able technology selectively to support our spiritual experience. The acoustics and sound system will enhance the building’s resonance and, at some point, we’ll be in touch holographically with presenters from anywhere in the world!

the future 68770-59290What will we do in this new home? Our practices will be more about spirituality than religion. There will be a sharing of wisdom by all of us, including ritual and ceremony and a tribal feeling. We will sing and use healing sound and practice meditation. Yoga, dance and other form of movement will enhance our experience. We will search for the meaning in our lives, pay attention to our life cycles and transitions, connect the young with the old, and practice coming of age rites. And we will share our stories and provide one another emotional support.

We will be individuals choosing to come together with minimal hierarchy. We will be in touch with the greater community, reaching out and paying and praying our blessings forward and being of service. We will gather and connect over food. Our small groups will be flexible and use many “satellite” locations.

We will be even more diverse in age, ethnic groups, gender, spiritual traditions, incomes and personalities. Both single people and families will feel welcome.

I very much look forward to this new home and to experiencing this expanded vision of who we are. In the meantime, we need to roll up our sleeves to bring this beauty to fruition. Each of us can incorporate this visioning process into our current spiritual practice, moving it forward together over these next years.

Board member Carl Woestwin

Designing the Dream 20160828The next step in our process is the Designing the Dream meeting on August 28th at noon. At that meeting, we’ll all have the opportunity to speak with our architects from Olson Kundig and they can learn what the congregation feels is important in our new church building.


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