A question for Dawn: you are known as Dawn, but actually your name is Gale Dawn Scott – how come?

Gale is a family name. My mother always called me Dawn, and thought that fit better for who I was. I was 6 years old, and in kindergarten, before I found out my name was “Gale”. And the teacher wasn’t real happy with me, that I didn’t recognize “my own name”!

Dawn’s undergraduate degree is in cultural anthropology, with an emphasis on childhood around the world. Her minor is in environmental studies. She did a great deal of wilderness work with kids – ask her sometime about the “walkway project” and watch her eyes light up as she tells you the story.

She has a dual MA in Education and Teaching from Antioch University, and had a center focus on social justice. She chose Antioch because of its liberal arts focus, where she could look at the spiritual life of children, and not simply their physical/intellectual development.

“Our children are magical – how do we nurture that?” asks Dawn.

Keeping her skills fresh and updated, she has numerous other certifications and adjunct certificates, such as NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) and in rite of passage journeys.

From childhood, Dawn has always cherished her mystical side. She’s always known that there’s more to the world than that which we “know”. Her first words were “angel” and “fairies”. She’s been a meditator since the age of 15.

Dawn’s first exposure to things metaphysical was Louise Hays, whose work resonated and made a great deal of sense to her.

She’s completed extensive mystical and shamanic work with the Sundust Oracle Institute, learning in the process a great deal about integrity, boundaries, and self-care.

Dawn is dual-natured. Although not planned, she ended up working in the accounting areas of multiple companies, and found a talent for that kind of numbers, detail and precision. As Dawn loves knowing “what’s going on”, she enjoys her exposure of the inner workings of companies through accounting and finance. Seattle Unity is the first non-profit company Dawn’s worked for.

Dawn has a wicked sense of humor (which she has learned to discipline around the kids!) She loves to play and have fun, and wants her “work” to feel like “play”.

Empowering children to understand that there is something inside of them that is so beautiful – that they can do and be absolutely anything – is a core mission of Dawn’s.

In her life at Seattle Unity, she is looking forward to supporting and empowering others in co-creating community and joy with her. Her laugh and her giggle already bring answering laughter from her new colleagues.

Welcome, Dawn!