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Hi dear friends,

Lots of changes are happening here at Seattle Unity and I want to include you in the news.

The first is that our dear Mary and Alexander Bonine are moving to Montana. Their last Sunday is July 9. That’s the Sunday of our church picnic. I hope you can be there to see them.

The second bit of news is that I’m retiring. I was given an opportunity to do so and all the details and a plan fell quickly into place. I am moving to Milton-Freewater, OR where my oldest daughter Jenny lives with her family. I have purchased a house there and sold my home in Redmond. This may seem quite sudden but Spirit has opened the way easily and effortlessly.

My last Sunday will be July 23. I’m told there will be food in the Fellowship Hall after the service (I requested baked potatoes but I am certain there will be other goodies as well).

I know how busy summer is for you and your family but I do hope to see you before I leave. Sharing Sunday mornings with your children has been one the best parts of my life for the last 14 years. I have so many amazing memories and have learned so much from your children and teens and I’ll hold these memories close to my heart.

An excellent and wonderful leader and teacher, Dawn Scott, has been hired to continue this wonderful work so I know all will flow smoothly. I also know that you and your children will fall in love with Dawn. She will be following Lori and me for the next few Sundays as she meets you all and learns about our routines and traditions.

Thank you for trusting me with your children.

In Love and Light,


Marelu knows she has landed her dream job getting to work at Seattle Unity with an awesome staff, incredible volunteers, remarkable parents and off-the-chart-great children and teens. She goes home each Sunday sometimes exhausted but always feeling fulfilled by her interactions with her Seattle Unity community. Her greatest joy is watching the children and teens practicing the Unity Principles and learning that they work. She joined the staff in Sept. of 2003.

Marelu grew up a Baptist since her grandpa was a Baptist minister. This was fortunate for her in that she got to learn all about the Bible—the stories, the characters, the history and the poetry. This proved very useful to her when she later discovered a Unity church and took a class on the metaphysics of the Bible. Wow! What a glorious awakening that provided.

In 1979 she walked into her first Unity church (in Bellevue) and knew she had found her spiritual home. Over the next five years she took every class she could, including two visits to Unity Village for CEP sessions. At Unity of Bellevue, she also jumped right in as a Sunday school teacher and then became a co-Youth Education Director. She also volunteered as Uniteen teacher and a YOU Sponsor.

During this time she also served as the NW Regional Children’s Ministry Consultant, a position that enabled her to visit most of the Unity churches in the Pacific Northwest. Her children were astonished by all the fun she was having and asked her repeatedly when she was going to get a “real” job.

In 1986 she was invited to Houston Unity and served as their Youth Education Director for three years. When she returned to the Northwest, she submitted a proposal to Unity Worldwide Ministries to write a manual for children’s ministry leaders. New Directions in Spiritual Education was published in 1993 and became the text book for ministerial school and youth education training. She also served on several Unity curriculum writing teams. In 1995 Marelu was awarded the Outstanding Youth Services award at Unity Village.

She returned to Unity of Bellevue as their Youth Education Director in 1994 and in 2000 joined the staff at the Seattle Center for Spiritual Living as Director of Youth and Family Ministries. She also served on the International Youth and Family Ministry Core Committee for the Centers for Spiritual Living.

Marelu has always been a teacher. Her first career was teaching high school English and later Junior High (Language Arts and German). In the ‘90’s she was a parent education instructor at Green River Community College in the Parent Child Studies Department working specifically with parents of preschoolers. Over the years she has taught parenting classes at churches and in the community, been a Virtues Project trainer and presently serves on the Northwest Unity Youth Services Team as a children’s ministry trainer. She travels a couple of times a year to NW Unity churches to train new Sunday school teachers.