Jim Carroll with blue shirtOngoing daily leadership is provided by Jim Carroll.

Jim is excited about the opportunity to be the Director of Operations for Seattle Unity. It offers him a chance to use his skills and background at a place that he personally strongly values. The phrase of our mission statement about “celebrating and inspiring individual and collective spiritual journeys” has always spoken to Jim, as what he believes is the heart of “church”.

Jim’s personal spiritual journey has been a move from being largely head-focused to increasing heart-focus. Unity for him has largely been about adding in the belief and experience of following not just his head but also his heart.

For Jim, the tapestries on the wall signaled that Unity would be a place that welcomes all spiritual paths, and that actually is the piece that made this church welcoming for him. The theme of personal journeys that Rev. Karen has led us through over the past few years has grounded his own personal journey by empowering him to reach out and pursue goals that felt beyond him.

In Jim’s professional experience, his 40’s were a time of shifting from his head-centered professional life to a head AND heart centered one. (His former career path included college instructor of chemistry, advocacy research in the pharmaceutical industry, and information provision on public issues and corporate sustainability). He therefore returned to school for an MPA, as a way to change the focus of his career from business and science to values-driven organizations. Since graduating in 2011 Jim has searched for a place and way to use his skills that deeply align with his values, in particular by finding a way to use his love of problem solving, especially systems-based solutions to underlying challenges.

What he brings to the position of director of operations is experience on boards, as a manager, and a thorough education in nonprofit management.  As we navigate the path of dealing with our infrastructure/building dilemma Jim looks forward to working with the staff and board to institute both transitional process and procedures that will support our ongoing long-term plans.

Jim’s email here at Seattle Unity is operations.director@seattleunity.org, if you’d like to welcome him personally.