Greetings! You are welcome here!

Senior Minister Rev. Karen Lindvig
Senior Minister Rev. Karen Lindvig 

We’re so glad you are interested in Seattle Unity! Being deeply committed to our individual spiritual growth and our spiritual growth in community, We’ve found that practice in community adds depth and breadth to our connections with God and the Divine. We look forward to connecting with you and enjoying what you bring to our communal spiritual experience.

Our worship services combine many different elements:

  • outstanding, joy-filled music which opens the heart
  • a time of meditation and stillness to quiet the mind and body
  • dynamic messages which both uplift and challenge us to make our lives, and thus our world, better.

Videos of recent services are here and Reverend Karen’s thoughts about her services are available here on her blog.

Seattle Unity, located in the heart of Seattle, is a welcoming spiritual community where we honor the truth in all genuine spiritual paths. Living in our Western culture, we do base much of our teaching on the Christian bible, which we interpret metaphysically. We regularly add to this “traditional” religion with wisdom from Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and other world faiths and spiritual leaders. We have installed tapestries depicting these faiths on the walls of our Sanctuary.

unitybuttonv3jpgSeattle Unity’s teachings are more than a set of beliefs: through regular practice, they produce significant positive changes in one’s life and in the world. These Spiritual principles and teachings are further explored through the many classes and programs offered throughout the week. People from all walks of life and all religious traditions are invited to join us. As a congregation, we honor each person and the spiritual path which they follow.

Celebrate, Inspire, and Deepen your spiritual journey!

Our Mission:

We are a welcoming spiritual community, thriving in the heart of Seattle, celebrating, inspiring, and deepening our individual and collective spiritual journeys.

Our Vision:

We are a spiritual catalyst, centered in prayer; creating love, miracles, and spiritual awakening in our community and in the world.

Welcome to Seattle Unity.