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Paul Jackson and Mitch Hunter are starting a new This is US project in June called 3rd Sunday Videos. They will be filming short 3 minute videos every 3rd Sunday of the month, recording your memories and your stories about our community. Feel free to participate as often as you like.

Here are  the videos in the library so far:

Arden Grenfell on 6/18/17

Brea Davidson on 8/20/17

Charles Forsher on 8/20/17

Didi Graves in 2017

Janice Underwood on 8/20/17

Jennifer Keswell on 8/20/17

Marelu Greco on 7/23/17

Mertis (Jay) Thompson on 7/18/17

Mitch Hunter on 8/20/17

Paul Gamman on 7/9/17

Nola Nevers on 7/18/17

Todd Luff on 9/17/17

To spark some storytelling ideas here are a list of questions and ideas to get you going:

  • ·        What would you tell someone about Unity if they knew nothing about it?
  • ·        What would you want to say to the people who started Unity in Seattle and who built this building?
  • ·        What would you want future generations to know about US now, our community and the transformational journey we are on?
  • ·        What is the one thing you are most grateful for about this building and what you have experienced here?
  • ·        What’s your favorite thing about Unity?
  • ·        Talk about an experience at Unity that moved you in some way.
  • ·        Talk about a person or persons here at Unity who inspired you or influenced you in some way.
  • ·        To whom would you like to give a blessing?

We will be posting these videos online. If you do not want to be on the web, just let the guys know. These videos will also be a part of an exhibit when we have our exit celebration. Have fun!

Didi Graves
This is US

Any and all ideas are welcome in the “This is US” collaboration.

See Didi Graves for more information, or email her at thisisunityseattle@gmail.com